We have all been in this situation, you look in the rear view mirror, and there is a police officer behind you with the lights on!! You pull over, and the first thing you think of is, "how can I get out of this?" Well, cafemom has complied a list of the best ways to convince the officer that you are not deserving of the citation. If you hope to avoid the ticket once pulled over, here are few things you may want to remember. Now, on the other hand, if you want the ticket, being rude to the officer is almost  a guarantee citation. But to avoid the citation, follow these steps.

  • Pull over: No matter how much you think it's smarter to get to another part of the road that seems safer, the officer won't be kind if you try to do anything that seems like evasion. Pull over (to the right) immediately after he turns on his lights.
  • Be polite: Police officers hate nothing more than belligerence (believe me, I learned this the hard way), so be polite, courteous, and quick on the ball when he asks for license and registration.
  • Don't cry: I don't care how cute you think you are. I have seen the cutest women in the world not get away with this one (especially with a female cop). If you cry on accident, try to cover it up and don't milk it. It makes you look bad.
  • Play dumb: This is one tactic that has worked for me, though I wasn't playing it. I actually didn't know that my registration had expired. He didn't ticket me, but I renewed it the second I got home because he only gave a warning.
  • Be honest: If you know you ran that red light, then tell him why you did it. Maybe you have a good reason and he will buy it, but even if you don't, he may just appreciate your honesty enough to let you go.
  • Don't beg: Sure, you want a warning, not a ticket. We all do. But begging and pleading will get you nowhere. Be polite, contrite, and helpful, but don't beg him not to ticket you. It will only induce a power trip.
  • Don't make excuses: Unless you have a really obvious one, don't try to make up excuses or lie. The cop will know and he or she won't like it. If you were speeding, you can say you didn't know. But don't say your odometer is broken or try to insult their intelligence. It won't work.
  • Act "lawyer-ly": Ask him to clearly print his name on the ticket and get out afterward to take notes on the scene, location, weather, time, traffic conditions, positions of cars, etc. This subtly tells the cop you're going to contest it and he may just issue a warning.

After the ticket has been issued:

  • Contest it: This only sometimes works for parking tickets, but it often works for moving violations. If the cop doesn't show, your chances are even higher, so right there, you have an advantage. I have never contested a ticket I didn't get out of eventually.
  • Look cute: This one may not work for the men (sorry guys), but for the women, it doesn't hurt to dress up and look cute. Why not use every tool in your tool box here? Don't look tarty, but look professional, respectful, and as pretty as you can muster.

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