Would you go into a haunted house so scary that you have to sign a waiver to get in?

At first I was thinking they just say "you have to sign a waiver" so it makes it scarier than the next haunted house. Boy, was I wrong. Not only do you have to sign a waiver they give you a safe word to remember ( MERCY!) just in case you're about to die of a heart attack.

It's called 'The 17th Door,' based out of California, it's  a story-driven haunt experience that runs through Halloween inside a vacant furniture shop.

When you first enter the doors will lock behind you and that's when you start to think to yourself "what exactly did that waver say again?' The actors can touch you and may get wet.

The owner Robbie Lutherid said,

“You’ve gotta go over the top,”

That they did, it's considered the scariest haunted house in the world!!!

Would you go in it? Tickets cost between $21 and $35. The house is open on select days until Nov. 1.



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