Let's face it, most of us spend several hours out of our day playing on the social media site Facebook. Whether you are "surfing the site," "stalking friends," or simply reading through various updates, we are all coming across a wide range of people on the site. And like many of you, I too have noticed that there are several type "characters" on Facebook. Personally, as soon as I see someone's profile picture appear in my "News Feed" I have a good idea what their post or update will be about. In addition to that, I can also take a good guess as to what type tone the update may be in. So, here are the five type people you may stumble upon while on Facebook. Taker a look at the list here and see if any of these profiles match any of your friends on Facebook.

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    The Religious Person

    Let me make it clear from the start, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with anyone being religious on Facebook. But have you noticed that there are those people who are always offering up prayer? I ask, do these people that offer up prayer stop what they are doing on Facebook and get down on both knees at that moment? Plus, there is always that person on Facebook that quotes scripture EVERY DAY!! Think about it, who really gets on Facebook to learn religion...NOBODY!! Stop the preaching!!! And what about the person YOU KNOW that isn't religious, yet plays like he/she in on Facebook? You know where I am going here....

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    The Angry or Negative Person

    OK, I think we all have a few people like this in our friend's list. The guy or girl who is NEVER happy on Facebook. Do you know someone that is always mad about something or is always ready to play the role of "Debbie Downer" on Facebook? I cannot stand to read these people's status updates or comments!!! May I suggest that you find another hobby if all that you want to do is argue with people on Facebook. Of all the profiles here, this is the easiest to identify!!! Never happy, and always looking for a "cyber fight."

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    The Depressed Person

    Let's not get too harsh here because at some point and time we may all have a depressed moment in our life and we may relay how we fill onto our Facebook. But the person we are talking about here is the one that is NEVER happy and is always down. At times I honestly think people like this are seeking attention. And the reason I say that is because they are always depressed and always hate their life ('FML'). Still, as "friends" we should do our best to cheer these folks up. After all, maybe all that these type people need and want is a tap on their back.

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    The Mean Person

    Next on the list let's identify the person on Facebook that is flat-out MEAN!! I know you have had a run-in with this type person before. If you own a business or service you know who I am talking about. This type person, like Mr. or Mrs. Negative, cannot be happy. This person on Facebook is probably the one seeking something for less. If he/she has to pay $100 for something, they think you should reward them with $300 worth of your service. At times this type person can become a Facebook stalker or wish to slander your name on the social media site. Face it, these type people lack maturity and there is nothing we can do about it. The best advice here, don't allow mean people to be friends with you in real-life or on Facebook. Life is too short to be mean!!!

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    The Mr. & Mrs. "Know It All's"

    Of all the profiles we have outlined here, this is the one type person I cannot stand on Facebook. Here come the one's on Facebook that know EVERYTHING!! Have you encountered this type person on Facebook yet? I know that I have. No matter what you say or do, they have an answer for you or they can do it better. Often I find that these type people lack success. And by making others believe that they know more than they actually do allows them to fill superior for once. Like the "Debbie Downer" person, it is probably best to not align yourself with this type person on Facebook. Note, if you have not yet come across someone like this yet, simply post anything about football during it's peak time and WATCH!! At times these type folks on Facebook can be most entertaining. I should add that depending on their position or job, these folks at times can be their worst enemy!!

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