If the Olympic Games included sleeping as a sport you would be reading the words of a gold medalist. As an early riser I have learned the value of sleep and appreciate it more than  most. Or, maybe I am just lazy and would rather lie around in bed than actually be productive in life.

I bet you enjoy your sleep too. Most of us say we'd really love to have an extra hour of sleep everyday. However, when given a choice of what we'd really do with an extra hour in our day most of us would forego sleep for something productive like spending time on Facebook or picking up after our dogs. Which in many cases is the same activity.

How do you sleep? I'm not asking was it refreshing I am asking about your body's  position while you slumber and dream of the perfect status update. Well here's a real downer,  no matter what position you feel your most comfortable there are issues with that position that could be causing you pain.

1.Do you sleep on your back? If you do the chances are that you snore. While it may not technically make you sore the next morning I am sure the punches and pokes from your partner will leave you with sore ribs.

2.Do you sleep on your stomach? If you do you aren't really supporting your spine. That's probably why your back aches so much when you wake up. Since you also have to turn your head in order to breath you can count on a stiff neck and tense shoulders too.

3. Do you sleep on your left side? If you do then you are making things tough on your insides. Sleeping on the left side has a tendency to put more of a strain on your stomach, your live, and your lungs. .

4.Do you sleep on your right side? That could be part of the reason your suffer from acid re-flux. If you have heartburn or that burning sensation from the digestive track you don't want to sleep on your right side.

Well there aren't to many other options to position your body to sleep now are there? Most experts will agree that body position is important but not as important as having a good mattress. If you can't recall when you purchased the mattress you're sleeping on chances are you need to get a new one. We hope you have a restful night now that we've given so many reasons to worry when  you turn out the lights.

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