I've heard many people say that a Mexican restaurant can have great food but, if they don't have good chips and salsa, they don't want to eat there.

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Seems a bit extreme to me because, if the entre you're actually paying for is great, why should the free chips & salsa matter?

I feel like I can already hear people clanking pitchforks and lighting torches as they march to come to find me and make me pay for what I've just said. Before you do, know that I agree with that statement. The better the chips and salsa, the more I will frequent that particular establishment.

Chips and Salsa are kind of like a gateway drug.

Different Types Of Salsa

When it comes to salsa, there are multiple different types, and what you'll get varies from restaurant to restaurant.

The most common, widely used salsa is Pico de Gallo. However, there are many other types of salsa such as Salsa Taqueria, Salsa Roja, Salsa Verde, Salsa de Aguacate, Salsa Criolla, and more.

Salsa can be served smooth or chunky, warm or cold. Personally, I like both depending on my mood.

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With so many different types of salsa and ways to serve it, picking your favorite one in Acadiana can be a pretty tough task...but as always, you were up for the challenge!

We received hundreds of comments on Facebook when we asked you "Who Has The Best Chips And Salsa In Acadiana?" and we through all of your comments and wrangled them all up below!

In no particular order, here are the restaurants that were mentioned the most.

What Restaurant Has The Best Chips And Salsa?

1) Tampico Mexican Restaurant & Cantina - 5713 Johnston, Lafayette

Tampico Mexican Restaurant & Cantina/Google Maps


2) Azteca's - 3535 Ambassador Caffery, Lafayette

3) La Espuela Mexican Grill - 1007 Little Oaks Dr, St. Martinville

4) El Potrillo's Mexican Restaurant - 1934 Moss St, Lafayette

5) Agave Mexican Grill and Cantina - 1919 Kaliste Saloom Ste 301, Lafayette

6) Luna de Noche - 4001 N University Ave, Carencro

Luna de Noche/Google Maps


7) Barandas Mexican Grill Restaurant - 1008 Smede Hwy, Broussard

8) La Carreta Lafayette400 Jefferson St #7014, Lafayette

9) Guadalajara Mexican Grill Restaurant - 2714 LA-14, New Iberia

10) La Rumba Mexican Grill - 528 Canal Street, Church Point

11) La Hacienda Restaurant and Cantina - 809 Albertson Pkwy, Broussard

La Hacienda Restaurant and Cantina /Google Maps


12) Chuy's - 4505 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, Lafayette

13)  Chili's Grill & Bar - All locations

14) Sombreros of Lafayette - 3235 NW Evangeline Thruway, Lafayette

15) El Paso Mexican Restaurant - 1809 W. Pinhook Rd and 3910 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, Lafayette

16) Cafe Lola - 1155 Coolidge St, Lafayette

Cafe Lola/Google Maps


17) El Camino Restaurant - 1901 Veterans Memorial Dr, Abbeville

18) El Dorado Mexican Restaurant - 2307 N Parkerson Ave, Crowley

19) Blue Apache Youngsville - 905 Savoy Rd, Youngsville

20) Jalisco Mexican Grill - 2016 Veterans Memorial Dr, Abbeville

21)  Agave Mexican Grill and Cantina - 1919 Kaliste Saloom Rd. Ste 301, Lafayette & 2810 East Milton Avenue, Suite 101, Youngsville

Agave Mexican Grill and Cantina Via Google Maps


22) La Pagua Mexican Restaurant - 5423 Johnston St., Lafayette

23) Pedro's Tacos & Tequila - 1201 E Admiral Doyle, New Iberia

24) Buffalo Wild Wings - 4415 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, Lafayette

25) TULA Tacos + Amigos - 427 Jefferson Street, Lafayette

Google Maps

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