Yesterday the mother of the man accused of kidnapping and murdering UL student Mickey Shunick spoke out and offered her condolences to the entire Shunick family.  Now, the mother of 33-year-old Brandon Scott Lavergne reveals via a Facebook post that she adopted Lavergne at birth. Cynthia Lavergne posted this on the KATC-TV 3 Facebook page : “I adopted Brandon at birth to give him the family he deserved,” Cynthia says. “I am not saying this to minimize the relationship with my son. I’m stating this so that no one else has the chance to say or reveal what is rightfully mine to do.

In addition to this statement, the brother of Brandon Lavergne's, Joshua Lavergne, stated  this on his personal Facebook page: “I would like to say I’m sorry for what the Shunick family has gone through,” he says. “I was and still am one of the many residents of Acadiana that wants to see this young woman brought home…We do not condone anything that has gone on and are in shock that someone we call family would be arrested for such a sick crime.

Both of these Facebook posts have since been deleted.

Brandon Scott Lavergne is a registered sex offender and is currently being held on aggravated kidnapping and first degree murder charges. Lafayette Police say that they have not yet located Mickey Shunick, but have substantial evidence to link Lavergne to her disappearance. Lavergne is currently being held in the Lafayette Parish jail and is NOT cooperating with police in their investigation.

[via KPEL]


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