Another Louisiana music festival has called their 2021 event off. This time, it's the popular EDM and hip-hop festival 'The BUKU Project' leaving yet another fan favorite to reschedule for next year.

BUKU Music + Art Project
BUKU Music + Art Project

See the official announcement from @thebukuproject via Twitter below.

This is one of the final major New Orleans festivals that were slated for this Fall to drop due to COVID.

According to the post, current COVID conditions across the state of Louisiana was the driving factor in making the tough decisions. While the festival saw multiple planned events around New Orleans announce their cancellation or postponement, BUKU did everything they could to hang on.

Refund information will be sent out to those who bought tickets soon.

Unfortunately, as they put it, the timing is just not right for the comeback event. As the announcement puts it, "...the City of New Orleans is resilient AF" and I have to agree with that sentiment.

This was actually dubbed a "Planet B" event, as the October festival was sort-of a replacement for the March 2021 full-festival that was postponed. Now, BUKU hopes to proceed with their normal March 2022 festival.

I can't wait to see what BUKU has in the works for March of 2022, especially since they have been gearing up for it since December of last year. Let's hope that the state can get on the right track before the end of the year so that these festivals can take place come Spring of 2022.

People on social media were not happy to hear the unfortunate news.

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