We've all been subject to some sort of fake Cajun experience in our lives. Be it movies, commercials, television; or any other type of medium for that matter, it seems that anyone not truly from Cajun Country always finds a way to botch every aspect of the way we live.

But finally, we may have a test. A set of questions that can either validate or deny the authenticity of a person, place or thing claiming to be "Cajun." It comes from Rebecka Bihm, author and creator of The Impatient Cajun blog. Bihm, currently lives with her family in Perdido Key, FL but writes about her life experiences that she claims are inspired by her proud Cajun heritage as a result of growing up in small town Louisiana.

In one of her most recent blog entries, Rebecka vented via The Impatient Cajun over terrible "Cajun acting" that she sees far too often on her TV screen.

countless times I have sat there watching television shows or movies depict Cajun life…or Cajun People…or Cajun customs, and I’ve thought, “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!”

The truth is, she is right. More times than not, it's always the WORST excuse for a cajun accent, or the most extreme over the top caricature that ends up being used to falsely depict the way we live around here. So how do we fix it?

Enter 'The Cajun Test.'

I know you may be thinking that you've seen something like this in some cute Cajun chain email, but Bihm's series of simple questions and multiple choice answers is spot on. This should really be the unofficially official way to differentiate between the real deal, and those who are straight up faking the cajun funk. In the least, this could help to curb those painful straight-to-TV movies that are based in Hollywood's version of "Louisiana."

By the end of the quiz you will see that not only is this the definitive Cajun Test, but a celebration of who we are and how we do things here in Cajun Country. Hell, depending on how proud you are to be a Cajun, you may just be standing up and applauding in front of your computer or mobile device.

But don't take my word for it.

(press play on the song below while you take the test for the ultimate effect)

[via TheImpatientCajun]