President Trump is reportedly open to meeting with the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un.

Tensions have been high between the United States and North Korea for years and for them to come face-to-face would be monumental.

With that said, I started thinking of things President Trump could bring with him to the meeting to ease the tension between he and Kim Jong-Un. Specifically, what could Trump bring with him from south Louisiana?

We know that Kim Jong-Un likes to eat so here are a few things I think he'd enjoy from south Louisiana. People who aren't from here always compliment the food from here so here we go.


  • Staff Photo
    Staff Photo

    Boudin Balls

    I know that Boudin Balls are popular here and I think if President Trump took a few from Billy's, Don's, or Best Stop they'd be a hit with Kim Jong-Un. Of course, napkins and a Diet Coke on the side would come in handy too.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Sugartown Watermelons

    People here love Sugartown Watermelons and if President Trump dropped one for Kim Jong-Un it could possibly change his life. After all, he needs a little "sweet" in his life.

  • Getty Images for Crab Cake LA
    Getty Images for Crab Cake LA


    Is there any better seafood in the world than from here in south Louisiana? We know the answer, no. I'm sure Trump could find room on Airforce 1 for a few shrimp, crab, or catfish. This may be enough for the dictator to move here, not that we'd want him here though.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Chicken From The Popeye's Buffet

    Lafayette, La has the only Popeye's buffet in the country. And we all know how good the chicken is from Popeye's. Let's get a box of chicken from the buffet off Pinhook Rd. and send it President Trump. Imagine the look on Kim Jong-Un's face when he's this. Oh, we'll throw a few biscuits into the mix too.

  • Getty Images for the New York Cu
    Getty Images for the New York Cu

    Strawberries From Ponchatoula

    Soon many will be buying strawberries from the side of the road that comes from Ponchatoula, La. This is southern gold! Like the watermelons mentioned earlier, these strawberries could be the sweet thing the North Korean dictator needs. Could someone get a crate to Trump prior to his meeting? This could be the trick.

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