For a lot of families Friday night or Saturday night is a chance to eat out or in the case of my family, eat in by using home delivery. We have all the basic apps for ordering from any number of local restaurants and we do that about once a week. But if the night is pizza night, we will make one special request of our pizza purveyor which might seem counterintuitive to many of you.

Pizza Village
Pizza Village

When it comes to pizza we all have an opinion. We all have our favorite toppings and a combination of said toppings that we almost always ask for. We all have a certain kind of crust that we like too. Then we have those toddlers that don't eat the crust, geez, you need to grow up.

But no matter what kind of pie your order and no matter what kind of crust is holding all together you need to ask your pizza maker to do one thing for you if you want the best pizza experience of your life. It's a hack I learned while traveling in Naples Italy. That's where pizza was invented and is the home of the world's best pizza.

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So, what's their secret?

It's really pretty simple, never order a pre-sliced pie. That's it. Just ask Papa John or Shaq at Domino's, or whoever works at Pizza Hut, to please not slice your pizza before they put it in the box to bring it to you. Here's why.

The slicing of the crust allows the juices from the toppings to seep in and under the crust. This makes it soggy and malleable and harder to eat. It also creates a texture that is similar to eating paste, so that's not good. Real Italian pizzerias don't slice their pies for delivery. Heck in Italy, they don't even slice your pie when they bring it to your table. That's your job.

Give it a try tonight and see if your delivery pizza doesn't taste hotter, fresher, and the crust crispier and easier to manage. It's a little thing but it works.

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