What is this?

Someone in the Facebook group "Soul Food Foodies" posted a video of their "Seafood Gumbo" and now folks have unleashed on the appearance of it.

In this "gumbo" you see corn, peas, pieces of seafood, and other things that I won't even try to identify.

This most certainly is NOT a seafood gumbo and now some in the comments under the video are calling it "Slop."

Others are inviting the person who posted, Her Wallace, to come down south so that they can show her how to properly cook a gumbo.

Soul Food Foodies
Soul Food Foodies

If you recall, we've seen our share of bad gumbos recipes on social media, but this one may be the WORST!

In my opinion, this is even worst than the gumbo from Florida that had tomatoes in it. I don't know how this gumbo tasted, but by the looks of it, I will speculate that they won't try this again.

If you know of someone who takes pride in their cooking or even pride their own gumbo recipe, share this with them and get their reaction to this "Seafood Gumbo."

One more thing, let me suggest that you read some of the comments under this video. OUCH!


Now, to be fair we have seen other terrible looking gumbos surface on the internet, and here's one I'll never forget!!

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