For decades, the McKinley Street Strip in Lafayette was the epicenter of college nightlife, where countless memories were made at iconic venues. Among these, The Keg stood out as a legendary spot, a place where generations of students and locals gathered for unforgettable nights of fun. Now, as rumors swirl about the possible demolition of the building that housed The Keg, an opportunity arises for you to own a tangible piece of its history.

The wrought iron fence surrounding The Keg is now listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace. This fence, with its sturdy black panels, was more than just a boundary; it was a gateway to countless nights of revelry.

If you spent your nights at The Keg, you know the significance of this fence. It was the marker of a heyday, a border that separated the mundane from the extraordinary.

Remember those long nights studying (or not), working minimum wage jobs, and somehow scraping together the $5 cover (or double stamp sorcery) to dance and party until the early hours? The memories of bellying up to the bar, chatting with your favorite bartender, or hanging out with friends on the patio are etched into the fabric of Lafayette's nightlife history. And now, you have the chance to bring a piece of that history home—maybe even surround it!

Imagine the conversations this piece of nostalgia could spark at your next cookout. Picture yourself pointing to a section of the fence and saying, "That's the spot I jumped over the night I met my wife." It’s a piece of history that could rival any collector’s item, akin to owning a seat from Yankee Stadium.

The Facebook Marketplace listing includes 56+ panels of wrought iron fencing, each about 6.5 feet high and 7 feet wide, plus additional shorter panels. While some panels have a bit of rust, most are in good shape. The offer also includes 10 posts secured in concrete, with the rest in dirt, and a decorative entrance available separately. The entire fencing is priced at $5,000 or best offer, with the decorative entryway listed for $1,800.

This sale is not just about acquiring old metal; it’s about owning a piece of Lafayette's vibrant past. Whether you’re a former patron of The Keg or simply someone who appreciates local history, this fence represents a treasure trove of memories.

To own this piece of The Keg, a piece of Lafayette history, check out the Facebook Marketplace listing and imagine the stories you’ll bring to life.

UPDATE: According to the listing, the fence seems to have been sold. But you never know.

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