There are many things to our advantage for living in south Louisiana, but there may be no bigger or better advantage than having boudin as part of our culture. The Lafayette Boudin Cookoff will happen this Saturday, October 20th, from 10am - 4pm at Parc Sanc Souci in Downtown Lafayette.

This is truly a fun-filled family event, and you can expect to sample some of the BEST boudin from our region at this event. Chefs from all over Louisiana will be on-hand for you to sample their product, and the chef you gets the most votes for his or her boudin will be crowned the "King Of Boudin" this Saturday afternoon in Downtown Lafayette.

There will be plenty of live musical entertainment on stage this Saturday, plus plenty of events for kids and adults to take part in. My favorite at this festival is always the boudin eating competition. Being from south Louisiana I am still amazed how much boudin some people can eat in one setting.

I attended the first ever Boudin Cook-Off they held in Parc Sanc Souci and the retailers/chefs did not know how many people to expect for this cook-off. Let's just say many of the chefs were left scrambling for ingredients to make MORE boudin. Take the family out this weekend and enjoy a great festival in Downtown Lafayette.

More much more on this event visit The Boudin Cook-Off website.