We now live a society that craves the look of the youth. Yes, more and more younger women are looking for ways to not lose their youthful image. And with that comes more and more young women seeking out preventive botox from doctors all over the country. One thing most young women fear most these days is losing their youthful appearance and style.

Preventive Botox injections and costly thermage, a hot radio frequency treatment that tightens and lifts skin that is all the rage among celebrities, are the latest cosmetic procedures used to the aging process.


Starting early is one of the top tips Dr. Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist on New York City's tony Fifth Avenue, offers in her new book, "Skin Rules." She often tells her young patients, if they ask, that the science is clear: Early engagement can stop the clock. Thermage treatments jolt collagen under the skin into overdrive, causing the body to produce more, and firm up saggy areas. Patients get the nip-and-tucked look without the surgery, but it comes with a hefty price tag. The full facial botox treatment can cost up to $3,500, but the price tag isn't stopping young ladies from going through with the procedure. In fact, some women are investing up to $25,000 for a FULL BODY botox treatment.

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