We've talked about the most common, and the least Cajun last names in Acadiana, now it's time to take a look at some of the fantastic Cajun first names.

Is your name or the name of someone you know on this list?


Authentic Cajun Names

We asked you on Facebook to tell us about the most Cajun first names you've ever heard, and you certainly came through with hundreds of comments. After digging through all of them, there were some that kept popping up like Alphonse, and Gustov but, there were many we had never heard of!

Cajun First Names
Cajun First Names

We weren't looking for Cajun nicknames, at least not yet, so to the best of our knowledge the names included here are indeed real first names. As you know, sometimes it can be tough to tell the difference between the two.

We put together this list using a mix of the popular ones and the more unique, rare Cajun first names. By popular, we're referring only to the answers we got on Facebook, not popular in a general sense.

As you're reading these names, imagine being a teacher who's not from here taking the role on the first day of school.

Spell check is about to quit and throw in the towel because it's not going to know how to spell any of these...sorry spell check.

There are so many fantastic Cajun names on this list, but unfortunately, the majority of them aren't really being used anymore. That's something we'd sure like to see change. These names are so unique and have so much history connected to them, it's just not right to let them fade away and disappear. Let's make sure that doesn't happen, OK?

A huge "Thank You" to everyone who responded on our Facebook page. We appreciate you helping us out with this!

The Most Cajun First Names In Acadiana

Names in no particular order. We'll include a pronunciation where we have one.

1) Vionette
2) Oleus
3) Cadianne (Cay-d-Anne)
4) Lovonia
5) Azelina
6) Placide
7) Alcibeaud
8) Zula Mae
9) Boudreaux (Yep, Boudreaux as a first name)
10) Zadia (Zay-d-Ah)

Mathieu Cheze Via Unsplash.com
Mathieu Cheze Via Unsplash.com

11) Octave
12) Hortense
13) Louisianne
14) Ewell
15) Leola
16) Guillaume
17) Clama (Clay-Ma)
18) Azena (Ah-Zee-Nah)
19) Polycarp
20) Ignace (Ig-Niace or Ee-nyos)
21) Elphege

Joshua J. Cotten Via Unsplash.com
Joshua J. Cotten Via Unsplash.com

22) Emolett
23) Olefice (Oh-Lee-Fuss)
24) Theophile (Toe-Feel)
25) Lucien
26) Clotile
27) Aurelia
28) Eliasin
29) Pelagie
30) Euphemie
31) Jean Baptiste
32) Athanse
33) Euphrosine
34) Augustin
35) Zelmire
36) Ouida (We-Da)

Firecloak (May) Via Unsplash.com
Firecloak (May) Via Unsplash.com

37) Olympe (O-Lamp)
38) Robispierre
39) Ceprecean (See-Pre-See-An)
40) Aurleian
41) Achafalyalena
42) Telismar
43) Bobbette
44) Eraste
45) Elie
46) Savignier
47) Moleon
48) Jolie
49) Adonis
50) Zepherine
51) Leeodus
52) Gladwood

Stephanie Moody Via Unsplash.com.
Stephanie Moody Via Unsplash.com.

53) Oneziphore
54) Pascal (Pahs-Cahl)
55) Cyprienne
56) Rameaux
57 Batmost

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