Its that time of year where our obsession for Mardi Gras Beads begins to escalate. There is something about these plastic beads that makes us all compete, fight, and run for them.As Mardi Gras parades make there way down their assigned route, it is evident that people have one thing on their mind...BEADS!!! And for some reason, we ALL seem to want the pretty ones, and the BIG ones!!! If ever you have been in a Mardi Gra Parade, you have seen people jump barricades, knock others down, and/or take them from children just to say, "I got em." Now, there is no value to these beads, and honsetly, how many of you simply throw them away after Mardi Gras?

Yet, we are still determined to catch the most, and catch the ones everyone else wants. So really, why are we obsessed with Mardi Gras Beads? Callers onto the show have said its a status thing, yet some say it is because of the competition of catching them. Whatever the case may be, I am quiet sure we will see people put their pride and egos aside in the days to come just to say, "I got em." Face it, everyone wants to be seen catching the beads, or be the one to catch someone's attention on a float as it passes by. In any case, remember to always be friendly when competing for these beads and NEVER take them from a child!!! Oh, and more thing, always be be ready if you are going to scream," Throw Me Something Mister!!!!"