TMZ is reporting that "The Situation" from MTV's hit show Jersey Shore has checked himself into a rehab facility for substance abuse  problems. Sources are reporting that Mike Sorrentino has checked himself into an inpatient treatment facility. Still, his rep would not confirm or deny that he, Mike, was in a treatment facility, but did say he has been at an undisclosed location to recover and recoup from a very busy schedule. As you may imagine, like many of his other Jersey Shore counterparts, 'The Situation" has been partying nonstop since he debuted on the show and has been making nightclub appearances all around the world. Most of the crew brings in anywhere from 15k - 50k per appearance...And we will assume here that most of their bar tabs are covered by club and venue owners.

MTV just announced that production for season 6 of Jersey Shore will begin in this summer. And yes, it has been confirmed that a pregnant "Snooki" plans to be part of the upcoming season on MTV.

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