Ladies, when it comes to a night with just the girls, here are a few things you may need or want to have on stand-by. TheFrisky has complied a list of necessities for the night when you ladies decide to just kick it, and not have any men around. The list consists of everything from cotton balls, movies, and even toilet paper. This is what it takes, according to TheFrisky website, to have a successful ladies night only.

The TEN things you need for a girls' night are as followed:

1. Cotton balls, nail polish remover, and a whole bunch of nail polish colors. Doing your own nails is cheaper than going to the salon, but it’s also more difficult for those of us who are not ambidextrous. As Dionne Warwick famously sang, “That’s what friends are for.” Giving each other manis and pedis is economical and practical; just make sure everyone washes their feet first because, eww, gross.

2. Cheap champagne cocktails. Nothing takes the bite out of a $9 bottle of Cristalino like some sort of juice. This also allows for you and your friends to come up with a creative name for your drink special. For inspiration, I suggest you watch this video of me creating the now-famous-in-Jamaica “ChampTing!”

3. Fattening food. Crudite and hummus are BS. The perfect Girls Night In spread sticks to three food groups: carbs, sugar, and deviled eggs. Here’s a killer recipe from Paula Deen, our own personal Girls’ Night In party planning spirit animal.

4. Lots of toilet paper. What? Just incase all those deviled eggs don’t sit right.

5. Games. I am a fan of the classics, but I like to add my own juvenile dirty spin. Give “Sexual Scrabble,” “Strip Yahtzee,” and “Porno Charades” a whirl! Because getting naked and talking dirty around your female friends is fun!

6. An embarrassingly girly mixtape. The only time I listen to Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” or the entire Wilson Phillips catalog is when I am drunk on cheap champagne cocktails, stuffed full of deviled eggs, and donning a bad amateur pedicure. In other words, when I am with my friends, away from the prying, judgmental eyes of the outside world.

7. Tissues. Just incase someone cries. And, no, toilet paper won’t do. You’re a hostess, remember?

8. Cellphones in Airplane mode
. That way you can still take photos of all the fun, but your co-dependent friend Beth can’t spend the entire night texting her boyfriend. Who invited her anyway?

9. A good attitude! When your happily coupled up friends discuss their relationships, put on your best “love is eternal face.” If you can’t manage that, the “enduring mild menstrual cramps” look will have to do.

10. “Bridesmaids" on DVD: Because, duh, what do you think inspired this post in the first place? I would normally recommend that you play the “Bridesmaids” drinking game -- take a shot every time you laugh! -- but I have a small apartment with one toilet and don’t want anyone to have to puke in my kitchen sink because it clogs easily.