It's called the Riverfront Expressway and it's buckling.

The tunnel was built by the city back in 1966, and some say it was to run illegal booze under the city. That is all myth.

According to WWL, engineer H.J. Bosworth said,

“It was probably a temporary design made out of steel and they probably didn't paint it," "Those unpainted structures under the City of New Orleans don't stand a chance."

One of the tunnels that stretches from Poydras to Canal St. is now buckling under the city, and could collapse at any time. H.J. Bosworth said that the collapse wouldn't be catastrophic, but still very dangerous.

Their first concern was last Friday when they noticed that the tunnel's wall was bulging and starting to leak water.

The city said there is no concern and that they are working to fix the damage. There will be additional street closures until the damage is fixed.

I wouldn't want to be the person in the tunnel! Below is a video I found of the 'tunnel under New Orleans.'


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