Unless you're freaked out that a monster is going to reach up from under your bed and grab your foot, you probably sleep with one foot out of your blankets at night and there's actually a scientific reason why you do it!

I almost always start off sleeping with one foot out of the covers, and yeah I've totally let my imagination get the best of me and quickly pulled my foot away from the edge of the bed. So embarrassing, I know. But, at least now I know that I'm doing the "one foot out of the covers" move for a good reason, and it's helping me fall asleep so I can forget about the fake monsters under my bed.

Thanks to the smarty pants over at NY MagThe Science of Us Sleep Institute and BuzzFeed I now know the ultimate sleep hack! In not so many science-y words you feel sleepy when your body cools down, and your feet just happen to be an awesome tool for cooling down your body! So, when you can't sleep just stick that little foot of yours out of the covers and cool down, and pretty soon you'll be fast asleep.

Isn't science fun?

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