I've heard of high school sweethearts, but never have I ever met elementary school sweethearts!

When people ask me how my husband and I met I tell them "We went to high school together", that usually get's an "aww" as a response, but in no way were we high school sweethearts. Honestly, I don't know if I ever even spoke to him in high school. We just happened to meet up a year or so after college and that was that!

Marrying your high school sweetheart might be one of the most romantic scenarios of all time, until you watch this video and realize that elementary school sweethearts are actually the most romantic thing you've ever witnessed. They've loved each other since they were ten! I don't think I loved anything, except for maybe ice cream and recess, when I was in fifth grade.

Oh, and on top of them being elementary school sweethearts, he also proposed in the most adorable way ever and, of course, it is all caught on tape. Sam told his girlfriend, Jessica, that they were helping his friend out with a music video, but little did she know that it was the music video of their relationship and was going to end in an epic proposal in front of family and friends! Seriously, if you're a sucker happy endings you better have some tissues on hand, because this proposal is too cute to handle.

[via YouTube.com, Matty Mac]