Can I stay at the park just a few more minutes? Please!

I feel ya, dog. Sometimes the only way to get out of doing something you don't want to do is play dead, I do it all the time. Ok, maybe I don't play dead, but I fake sleep at least once a week to get out of doing stuff.

Oh, the trash needs to be taken out before the garbage truck gets here in 30 minutes? How convenient it is that I am in such a deep sleep that my husband can't wake me up and has to go do it. Oh, the dogs are barking and need to be let outside at 6am on a Saturday? Too bad I can't hear them, because I am sleeping at the deepest level of REM sleep.

Don't lie, you do it too. Sometimes adulting is hard and you just want to be lazy for a few more minutes, we've all been there.

This Golden Retriever proves that playing dead (or in my case fake sleeping) really works, at least for a few minutes. His little game came to an end when his owner offered him a stick, which is pretty much the dog equivalent of bacon and I would definitely snap out of my fake sleep for bacon.

[via, wipandco]

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