Who has this much grief when it comes to losing a punter?

Special teams players don't usually get much coverage when it comes to offseason roster moves, but Thomas Morestead is different.

I will take it one step further and say longtime Saints punter Thomas Morestead is special. And today, the Saints parted ways with a special player.

There are plenty of stats and data that can show you just how much Morestead exhibited what he liked to call "elite consistency" during his 12 seasons with the New Orleans Saints—not to mention one of the greatest NFL plays of all time, known simply as "Ambush!"

As a rookie, Thomas Morestead executed one of the ballsiest calls of all time, in a Super Bowl no less.

A memory that may not be as memorable, but just as important when it comes to describing the type of player (and the type of man) Morestead was, is the time that he was the first player to come back out for the Saints after the heartbreaking Minnesota Miracle when the team realized they needed to be on the field for one final play.

After getting the news that he would no longer be kicking for the New Orleans Saints, Thomas Morestead (as he ALWAYS did) still made himself available to the press. When asked by The Advocate's Rod Walker about the love that he has received from Saints fans over the year, Morestead managed to say everything without saying anything at all.

Personally, Thomas Morestead will be one of my favorite Saints players of all time, and no matter where he lands he will always belong to New Orleans.

But wherever he lands will be lucky to have him.

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