We can all remember back in grade school when we'd have good ole fashioned foot races to see who was the fastest kid in class, right? The problem in many of those races though was that it was a little too tough to tell who really won.

We'd argue about it, talk a little smack and try back during the next recess.

Well, sometimes as adults we still want to know who can "dust" all the others. And that's exactly what happened in Houston over the weekend.

However, these grown-ups took up the whole "who won?" part a little more seriously than we did as kids.

Houston Police were called to Mean Kutz barbershop in Houston on Saturday, July 10 where they found three people shot.

The reason for the shooting? An argument ensued after a foot race.

Two men in their 40s were standing outside the barbershop arguing. They allegedly had been fighting about the winner of the race for weeks.

According to police, when one of the men walked away, the other shot him twice in the shoulder. Bullets also went into the store, hitting two bystanders.

One was hit in the buttocks and the other was hit in the arm, according to Houston Police.

ABC 13
ABC 13

All those injured were transported to a hospital and are expected to survive.

Houston Police say they have not found the suspect, but have obtained security camera footage from a store across the street and are hoping that may help them in tracing the license plate of the getaway car.

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