Last night the National Football League began its Week 9 schedule. The NFL week begins on Thursday nights and the game that was played last night featured two storied franchises that are having two very non-memorable seasons.

The New York Jets have a record of just two wins against six losses. The Indianapolis Colts are now at four wins and five losses on the season. So last night's game was not a battle for league or even divisional superiority. It was more about which team will look less mediocre than the other.

NFL via YouTube

I think the records of the team and the amount of apathy about two of the league's poor performers probably meant that most people around the country didn't even see the game. If you happened to miss it, you can catch the highlights right here.

As football games go, it was pretty entertaining. There was a lot of scoring that took place. The final score was Indy 45 and New York 30. In fact, it was the score that brings this game into the NFL record book.

NFL via YouTube

For the first time in the history of the NFL, a game ended with the final score of 45 to 30. This made last night's final score the 1,069th time an NFL contest ended in a score that a game had never ended in before.

Yeah, the NFL tracks that kind of statistic.

Just in case you're wondering, it's the third "never-finished-a-game-with-that-score-before-moment" that has happened this year in the league. The previous two unique final scores happened in Week 7 when the Arizona Cardinals downed Houston 31-5 and in Week 6 the Los Angeles Rams beat the New York Giants 38 to 11.

NFL via YouTube

Now, last year the NFL recorded 12 unique final scores. So, while the prospect of a unique final score isn't that likely every week, it does happen a lot more than we think it does. Or, if you're like me, you've never even thought about the concept at all.

Speaking of the NFL the New Orleans Saints have a chance to move into first place of the South Division of the NFC with a win this Sunday over Atlanta. I wonder if there will be a unique score in that game? With the Saints uncertainty at quarterback and the Falcons being, well, the Falcons we might not see too much scoring at all.

But then again this is New Orleans versus Atlanta and if ever there was a team the Saints threw the records out before they played, it would be them. By the way, kickoff is at Noon on Sunday. You can hear the game on 97.3 The Dawg or ESPN Lafayette (FM 103.3 or AM 1420)

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