With the Lafayette Mardi Gras celebrations underway, we know what many of you have on your mind.

How can I catch all as many beads as possible and how can I score the best beads during the parades? Well, we have a few tips to offer on how to get your hands on beads, beads, and more beads!!!

The first thing we will tell you is that you MUST stand out from amongst the rest!! From the float, everyone looks the same, therefore you have got to be creative and make those on the float recognize you!!

One way to stand out amongst the masses is by either having a costume on while floats pass by or by being elevated from the rest.

By standing on a ladder or sitting in a "high chair" you will always get your beads. The person on the float always wants to throw to someone who stands out!! Get creative!!

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Another secret to catching the really good beads during Mardi Gras parades is to have a child in your possession.

Yes, those on floats LOVE to give beads to kids. While at the Mardi Gras parade last weekend, I had our 2-year-old in my arms and we could not keep up with the number of beads thrown our way.

Let those throwing beads see your baby!! You never lose with kids.

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Something else I have noticed through the years is that those who are further away from the parade get the better beads.

Those throwing the good beads from floats love to see their beads fly through the air. Rarely will anyone standing on the barricades get the best beads. You need to stand back!!!

I promise you, the better beads and the bigger beads will come your way if you are NOT right up against the barricades.

Next, signs are an attention grabber. We always LOVE to hook-up fans of our station. Make your signs and grab our attention.

I can promise you, if we see you, you are getting the "goodies" on Mardi Gras Day.

We hope this helps you prepare for the upcoming Mardi Gras parades and we hope that you catch so many beads this year you can fill up the back of a truck with them.

Enjoy the parades and remember one thing, they are only plastic!!! Be good sports!!


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