It's Halloween. If you're scared, say you're scared. You won't be alone. Halloween is the second most popular holiday in the U.S. but some people get exceptionally scared around Halloween.

To some, Halloween is not as much fun as it is for most people. Internet searches for people's fears increase dramatically during this time of year. People claim they hear more strange sounds and see more strange things in their homes as Halloween nears.

"Time" magazine analyzed tons of internet data to find out what fears America Googles most.

These are the Top 5 most Googled fears by Americans—

  1. Death
  2. Love
  3. People
  4. Loneliness
  5. Commitment

If you're thinking death is really the only topic that fits the list, you're not alone. We thought the same thing. Why did ladders, black cats, graveyards, etc. make the list? So we did our own research.

These are the Top 5 superstitions in America—

Throwing salt over your shoulder.

The evil that is associated with the number 13.

Bad News comes in Threes.

And don't forget to "Knock on Wood".

Spilled Salt
Staff Photo

The most popular superstitious belief in America is throwing salt over your shoulder when you spill some. The legend states that you should take a pinch of the spilled salt and throw it over your left shoulder to cancel out all bad luck and evil.

The reason for throwing salt over your left shoulder is that it is believed that the devil sits on your left shoulder. By throwing salt over your left shoulder, you get salt in his eyes. The salt in his eyes keeps him away.

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