Everyone's afraid of something. And if you're not, chances are you're not really human -- because even celebrities, those citizens we put on pedestals, have phobias, some of which can seem far from normal.

But even outside of Hollywood, if it exists, chances are someone you know is afraid of it. Yes, even rainbows. (That's called iridophobia.)

Thankfully for the celebs on our list, all their phobias combined couldn't top legendary director Woody Allen, who's known for his fear of insects (entomophobia), sunshine (phengophobia), dogs (cynophobia), deer, bright colors (chromophobia), children (paedophobia), heights (acrophobia), small rooms (claustrophobia), crowds (agoraphobia), cancer (carcinophobia) and anywhere that isn't Manhattan.

To see the much less neurotic celebrity phobias, you can start by clicking below. Unless you're afraid of clicking links. In which case, the internet must absolutely terrify you.

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