President of the Toronto Raptors, Masai Ujiri, issued a statement today regarding recent video that has been released of Ujiri being pushed by a police officer. The incident occured court-side after the Raptors won their first Championship.

The statement was put out by the Toronto Raptors official Twitter account and you can read it below @Raptors

The video of the incident was released by Uriji's legal team and you can check out the disturbing scene below from @BleacherReport

The video shows Uriji walking up to the court with time expiring in the game and as he goes to pull his credentials out from under his jacket, the officer shoves the team President back. You can tell Uriji is surprised by the officer's actions and quickly becomes angry. The two get closer together as the officer delivers a second shove.

Moments after the altercation, a member of the Raptors saw the situation happen and went over to pull his team President onto the court and you can see that video below @SportsCenter

While Uriji clearly seems shaken by what just happened, it is an incredible moment when he embraces Kyle Lowry in celebration of the achievement they had all just made.

In his statement, Uriji explains how special of a moment it was for him to finally be a part of a championship team especially having been apart of the NBA for so long. That moment was stained as one experience with an officer changed what should've been a pure moment of bliss and adrenaline into a moment of confusion and anger.

He made sure to point out how fortunate of a position he is in to have access to resources that ensure his fight for justice. But, he also points out how others are not as fortunate as he is and that we all need to keep demanding justice for those less fortunate.

I commend Masai Uriji for his demeanor and way of handling such an enraging moment as well as the release of the footage. Hopefully this story will help people realize that the problem at hand not only concerns normal people like you and me, but also people at the top of organizations like Mr. Uriji.


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