This past weekend, when I heard that Joe & Tommy from The History Channels "Swamp People" were in town, I made it a point to catch-up with them. Around the office, these are the two cast members we talk most about when "Swamp People" comes up in conversation.We all love how the two have this friendly competition amongst themselves while in the swamp fishing  fro gators. Like us, have you ever noticed that Tommy wants to be the "boss, " but Joe is always there to remind him, Tommy, who really is in charge of the boat? From what I was told by from The Landry's and Now Tommy & Joe, " Season 2 of "Swamp People" will certainly not be a disappointment. Expect more thrills and more drama from the Swamps of South Louisiana. "Swamp People 2" is back this Thursday, March 31st, on the History Channel.