Out in the Northern Utah wilderness, there is currently a treasure-hunt underway for a chest filled with $10,000 in cash. Only a poem, along with weekly clues, will lead one lucky adventurer to the buried-box of big-bills.

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Who created the Utah treasure hunt?

The two fellas you see above are John Maxim and David Cline, per an ABC4 report from Utah, who are on their second year of burying treasure out in the wilderness from someone brave enough to seek-out. Last year's prize of $5,000 was discovered in four days, but the guys have doubled the reward for whoever is keen enough to unearth this year's treasure.

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Where can I find the Utah treasure?

The search area for this year's treasure surrounds Salt Lake City, Utah and will be found off of a hiking trail somewhere in the region. With last year's search leading to an absolute frenzy, the two organizers have already heard of people traveling across the country to join the search for this year's chest of cash.

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The above poem will be the main compass for anyone who dares join in on the journey towards treasure. Cline and Maxim, who work in real estate according to the report, worked on the poem for quite some time to make sure it was just right.

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Where did the Utah treasure hunt come from?

The whole treasure-hunt idea came out of the pandemic, when these two decided to do something fun for their community who had been locked-up inside for so long.

If you are feeling adventurous enough to join in on this treasure hunt, check out the full rundown on this year's hunt from the creators themselves.

See the full report from @abc4utah via Twitter below.

Best of luck to all those that seek the treasure!

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