It's that time of the year.

The National Hurricane Center is now monitoring a tropical wave off the coast of Africa.

There is about a 20% chance that this could develop into a tropical storm within the next five days, and if it was to become a hurricane it would be Hurricane Bonnie.

Still, we are way out on this one, but let this just be a reminder to you that you should prepare for an active hurricane season and it is never too early to start your preparations.

As Meteorologist Scot Pilie' said on Facebook, "How the system consolidates in the next 2-3 days will be critical to its long-term potential of becoming a bonafide TC before the Lesser Antilles."

Again, there is no immediate threat to the United States mainland, but this is something worth watching as we move into the weekend.

I will also remind you that you should download this station's mobile app today, we will provide you with updates on this potential storm and other storms throughout hurricane season.

Here's a look at what is brewing off of the coast of Africa.

Scot Pilie'
Scot Pilie'


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