Please be warned: This is the cheesiest traffic update you will ever read in your life.

In a wild and cheesy incident, a truck loaded with cans of nacho cheese crashed on an Arkansas highway, leaving a gooey mess that had everyone craving a fourth meal. The mishap occurred in the middle of the day when the cheese-loaded truck merged into the same lane as a massive 18-wheeler being hauled by a wrecker truck on Interstate 30, near Prescott, AR.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in this very unique accident, but the aftermath was a sight to behold. The Arkansas Department of Transportation shared images of the interstate transformed into a sea of spilled nacho cheese on their social media accounts.

"Taco Tuesday, anyone?" the department jokingly captioned the pictures, igniting a flurry of cheesy puns and food-related memes from amused netizens.

Cleanup crews worked tirelessly to clear the gooey mess, and by evening, traffic was flowing smoothly once again. While Arkansas residents were dealing with their cheesy dilemma, on the other side of the country, drivers in California reportedly faced a bizarre situation of their own. A truck carrying chocolate caught fire on Interstate 80, causing a pretty sweet meltdown.

As bizarre as it may seem, these peculiar incidents serve as a reminder that the roadways are full of surprises, and you should always be prepared for the unexpected—even if its a tasty version of Final Destination.

Until then, let's all have a good laugh—and the next time you enjoy nachos and tacos, think back on this truly unforgettable "cheesy" day on the highway.

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