Tsunami Lafayette employees are skilled when it comes to sushi, but they also know how to pull off a pretty mean bottle flip.

Last Thursday (Dec 22.) Jacob Bordelon showed up 30 minutes early for his shift at Tsunami in Downtown Lafayette. Jacob and some of the Tsunami crew were hanging out behind the restaurant discussing plans for a fellow employee's birthday later that night.

His co-workers noticed him flipping a water bottle and landing it with little to no effort so naturally they started looking for higher places for him to land it. After looking everywhere they decided to aim for the awning over the backdoor.

What made it more of a challenge is that there was a light fixture directly above it (breaking that light would not sit well with the boss, especially when you consider the circumstances) but Jacob casually tossed the bottle up and nailed it like a boss.

Who knows where the Tsunami crew will land the bottle next. Stay tuned.

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