The Twerk Flip Cup movement is real. You may have many questions about it, but the only one you should be asking yourself is, "Can I do this?"

I did some quick web searching (read: Google) and I'm not sure where this whole Twerk Flip Cup "challenge" thing got started, but I did find videos as far back as 2012.

Many others have recently gone viral as people are attempting to flip cups over using nothing more than a standard red Solo cup, their backsides, and some old fashioned homemade twerking.

With Spring Break, summer approaching, and the general activities and fun that come with warm weather, expect more and more of these Twerk Flip Cup videos to be flooding our timelines.

Can you Twerk Flip Cup?

If not, don't worry—because like many "challenges" that go viral, the Twerk Flip Cup isn't for everyone, as you can see demonstrated in a video below by our friend Emily J at our sister station Kiss 92.1 in Lake Charles.

Be sure to share this party trick with your friends, and don't forget to film it!

Oh, and just for the record—the Twerk Flip Cup isn't just for girls.

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