Oh, yes he did.

A couple of workers at Wendy's restaurant have gone viral on TikTok after they posted a video of them dancing while at work.

The man in the video seems to be the star of the "show" here as he attempts some of his best moves while on the clock.

Not only does he do his best to pull off the "split," but when he attempts to "Twerk" that is the kicker.


In the original post, it was noted that they did not have any customers in the restaurant while filming this video.

Personally, I love seeing folks having fun at work. Sure, they may be on the clock, but who said you can't have some fun while with your co-workers.

One more thing, be sure to keep your eyes on the gentleman's left leg at the end of the video. He was giving it his all.


@taydastailion_P.S. we have no customers rn😂😂♬ Mississippi Pride - J. Alphonse Nicholson

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