Twitter is testing out new features on their platform, including one that detects "mean" replies and another that adds a "Tip Jar" to users profiles. The first feature is aimed to lessen the amount of "mean" replies and the other is to easily send money to other users.

Check out the news from @TwitterSupport on the "Tip Jar" below.

According to the above post, the new feature is being tested and an icon will be added to Twitter users profiles that will give the option to send money via multiple payment services.

Another feature that Twitter has added is supposed to deter users from sending "mean" replies on the platform. See the story from @NPR below.

The new feature is in place to deter what Twitter deems as a "mean" reply by prompting the user with additional options before their Tweet is sent. Users will be given the option to send the Tweet, edit, or delete it altogether.

I would be lying if I didn't say I type out Twitter posts and delete them before ever posting. Actually, I probably send more Tweets to drafts than ever get posted on my profile. Let's just say that I am not one who desires to be involved in online discourse.

With Twitter adding a new feature that aims to keep the peace their platform, it is hard to argue that this is a bad thing. But those that have been on the internet for a while know that Twitter is not always the place to go if you are looking for civil debate. Lots of opinions are thrown around on the platform everyday and things often get personal.

My main rule while online is simply this; if I wouldn't tell a person something in person, then I will not tell them that online. There is a lot of hate on the internet simply to be hateful and it is easy to tell when that is the case. While this new feature will not erase negative energy from the platform, if it helps online users get along a little better - why not?

Either way don't let someone on Twitter, or any other social media platform, hurt your feelings. And definitely don't rely on the Twitter algorithm that determines which Tweets may be "mean" keep you from saying what you feel or protect you from others either. After all, it is the internet - users beware!

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