Hold up. Beliebers actually thought another guy was a bigger babe than the Biebs? I'm in shock!

I mean, to be fair, this dude is a babe. And who is this babe, you ask? Boy Roeles.

The 18-year-old security guard was spotted during Bieber's performance at the Pinkpop music Festival in the Netherlands by Joyce aka @stratfordneymar.  And now, over 33,000 likes and 14,000 retweets later, Beliebers have been moved from Bieber Fever to full-blown Boy Fever.

Sorry ladies, this Boy already has a girl. She was actually the first person to show him Joyce's tweet and then, of course, had to immediately make him a Twitter page so Beliebers everywhere could stalk their new #BoyFriend.

Ugh, now all I can do is imagine myself eating fondue with Boy as Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" plays in the background. Really though, how perfect does that sound?

For more pics of JB's swoon-worthy security guard check out Boy Roeles Instagram, he has some serious model-status selfies posted.

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