In 2007 Chris Crocker became everyone's favorite Britney fan when he posted his viral 'Leave Britney Alone' video on YouTube following her less than stellar VMA performance. If you need a little reminder of his epic, tear-filled plea to the internet, here it is.

That hair. Those perfectly lined eyes. That kind of terrifying and psychotic look on his face when he says "leave Britney alone". This video is pure magic.

I know, I know, after watching Chris in all of his crazy glory you're probably wondering what this dude is up to almost ten years later. According to his Instagram he is a comedian and singer. Oh, and a complete babe.

I'm sorry, is that the same guy? He Neville Longbottomed so hard. Yes, yes I will post more Chris Crocker Insta selfies, because I think we all need to take a few moments and let he beauty sink in.

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