Twitter is a wild place. Sometimes it can be very dark and dangerous, but other times it produces absolute GOLD. 'Twitter Thursday - Gold Picks' are dedicated to the gold that I find on Twitter throughout the week.

Last Thursday was dedicated to informing the people of Louisiana about the fallout from Hurricane Laura, but I am happy to pick up this series right where we left off!

Let's start off with photos of quite possibly the most dangerous animal in all of the animal kingdom @dog_rates

This tiny house hippo might be the most frightening creature I've ever seen. It would be a real shame if I ended up finding one of these tiny house hippos one day and he attacks me. P.s. how great is a Twitter account that is dedicated to solely rating different doggos. A 13/10, indeed.

Now that we are warmed up with a good boy, let's get into something more serious @lenarios

I couldn't think of a better representation of 2020. All fans of 'The Office' know this scene as the culmination of all of the insanity that happens inside of a Pennsylvania paper company. It is also known as one of the best scenes to come out of the series. This is how the whole year of 2020 has felt, so Twitter is once again right on point.

Now, it's time for a little inspiration from one skater girl who was able to face her fears head on @enews

Talk about going FULL SEND! I don't do well on skateboards, so I have the ultimate respect for this little bad-ass. I hope we see her in the 'X-Games' some time soon.

This next one is internet 101. A mom on the drive home from a dental procedure forgets who her kids are... @HeyyyMonee

Scarred for life, these children may be, but entertaining for everyone else on the entertainment. When Mom says, "That one doesn't even look like me" I lost all control. Just good genuine fun from this husband that may have resulted in a few backseat tears.

One last post for good measure. As a musician, I'm a sucker for any new music technology. I'm also a sucker for tasty fruit @mezerg_

What a CHUNE played on an array of melons. I asked my mom to get me guitar lessons as a kid when I should've asked for melon lessons. Way cooler.

That's it for my 'Twitter Thursday - Gold Picks' Vol. 3. Be sure to check in with me next Thursday for more Twitter Gold. Follow me on Twitter @SCARENCRO and be sure to mention me in any GOLD that you think deserves to be on a future volume.


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