Twitter is a wild place. Sometimes it can be very dark and dangerous, but other times it produces absolute GOLD. 'Twitter Thursday - Gold Picks' are dedicated to the gold that I find on Twitter throughout the week.

Let's start off by seeing what this nice young lady has to say... @dmarcushammond_

Wait... what just happened? When she pulled out the pack of hot dogs I absolutely lost it. I mean, what an array of items to be carrying on your person at all times. Honestly, I'm jealous of her. No pockets necessary. Pure efficiency right here.

Onwards we go as this guy seems to be having the time of his life at a water park @Theory901

This is pure athleticism right here. I feel like this is something I attempted as a kid at Blue Bayou. My friends' favorite move was to go on a tube ride and completely abandon it once we get past the lifeguard. Was it safe? No. Did we die? Also no.

Now for some serenity as humans meet nature in the most graceful way @mikeyfowler18

Nicest deer in the world is an understatement. This deer could be a house pet! I don't have a ton of experience with large animals, but this deer could sleep in the bed with me. Just so kind and loving. I love nature.

One last funny from our friends in the Big Easy @Saints

Gotta love a reference from 'The Hangover'. I only wish the Saints would have been less worried about the new Allegiant Stadium and more worried about winning the game...

That's it for my 'Twitter Thursday - Gold Picks' Vol. 6. Be sure to check in with me next Thursday for more Twitter Gold. Follow me on Twitter @SCARENCRO and be sure to mention me in any GOLD that you think deserves to be on a future volume.


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