Two Louisiana entrepreneurs will be appearing on the hit ABC show Shark Tank this Friday, February 26.

Inventors Nita Gassen and Judy Schott of Mandeville will be pitching their project to the show's five celebrity investors with hopes of making a deal.

The two women came up with an idea in 2018 called Better Bedder. They describe the invention as a giant headband that wraps around the sides of a mattress to keep both the fitted and flat sheets in place. Once the band goes on, it's then considered part of the mattress.

After that, instead of having to tuck the sheets underneath the mattress, users can tuck their bedding directly into the Better Bedder.

Gassen and Schott, now both in their 50s, have spent years perfecting their invention.

Schott, a New Orleans native, attorney, and COO of a Northshore insurance company, said she searched every way imaginable to making bedding more simple. She eventually called Gossen, her lifelong friend, and the two decided to collaborate on the invention.

Gossen is now full-time on this project, having left her job as an insurance sales representative to focus on Better Bedder.

The pair have been manufacturing their product in Algiers and selling online as well as in local markets. But now, they're trying to get their product out to the masses.

The country will be introduced to Better Bedder on Shark Tank this Friday, February 26 at 7:00 pm on ABC.

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