Two men joined forces to dramatically rescue a woman who drove her car into Lake Pontchartrain off the Kenner Boat Launch over the weekend.

According to the Kenner Police Department, the woman was in her 40s or 50s with a "history of mental health issues." Several witnesses claimed she drove into the water around 5 p.m. on Sunday (6/19).

Luckily, two men dove in after the woman and saved her life.

Travis Cook and Jared Vallance saw the woman accelerate and drive into the water. Vallance was driving near the dock where his family was picnicking, and as soon as he witnessed the car hitting the water he knew he had to do something.

She drove right in, and she tried rolling up the windows. She just said, ‘I want to die, let me go.’ I said, ‘Not on my watch.’

Cook was on his boat, and jumped off and made his way toward the dock as nearly 100 people watched the dramatic scene unfold. Both men joined forces to keep the woman from going underwater as she tried to escape.

They were eventually able to bring her ashore and cover her up until authorities arrived in a scene that Vallance described as "wild" as families looked on.

Police took the woman to a local hospital for evaluation.

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