They were parked at an intersection in Scott, and the two people were sleeping.

This was at the intersection of Mustang and Le Violon Roads.

Scott Police Chief Chad Leger says officers arrested two Lafayette men,  22-year-old Ross Degeytair and 21-year-old Tyler Prejean, after of course, they woke them up.

When officers say the two finally came around, and they got out of the car, it smelled like marijuana.

Officers confiscated the following items:

  • Two Xanax pills
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Nine ounces of "Lean" in two baby bottles
  • Two grams of marijuana
  • Thirteen grams of mushrooms
  • Five bags of edible THC

Once officers concluded their investigation in the 400 block of Le Violon Road, they booked both suspects into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.

  • Each suspect was charged with the following:
  • Possession of Schedule 4 drugs
  • Possession of Schedule 5 drugs
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute Schedule 1 drugs
  • Posession of Drug Paraphernalia

Degeytair then was also booked on two oustanding warrants.



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