In Illinois, it is not that uncommon to see a couple of boobs out on the golf course – but seeing four of them is extremely rare.

On Monday afternoon, Madison County sheriff’s deputies responded to a complaint at the Woodland’s Golf Course in which someone (likely a golfer’s wife) was protesting two blond women out on the golf course exposing their “sexual organs.” Come on now, is that really something to complain about?

When officers arrived on the scene, Alicia Binford, 43, and Shelly Lewis, 45, were right smack dab in the middle of giving onlookers one heck of a peep show.

After watching for nearly twenty-minutes, officers were forced to step in and arrest the two playful cougars. Unfortunately, both women were taken to jail (naked) and were charged with public indecency and one count of making putters stiff.

Some reports claim that the women were actually fully nude and straddling the holes while guys putted on the green, as part of some “naked” golf tournament that takes place there illegally once a year.

However, there is no word yet whether or not a person is required to pay “bush” fees in order to play.

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