We asked for your #RaginCajunsBuns photos, and you delivered. We chose ten daily winners, asked you to vote for the best one, and we are happy to announce that the votes are in, and we want to say congrats to Tyler Dunphy from Lafayette - the grand prize winner of FREE SONIC FOR A YEAR!

Tyler's 'Santa & His Ragin' Cajun Elves' photo got the most votes amongst the finalists, so if anyone wants to bum a cheesestick, Tyler is the man to buddy up with. We want to thank everyone for participating by submitting their photo using the hashtag #RaginCajunBuns on Instagram and Twitter, and for supporting the Ragin' Cajuns.

Here is the winning photo, as well as all the photos that were submitted below. Stay tuned for more cool contests and giveaways!

tyler dunphy wins free sonic for a year

For even MORE photos, just search #RaginCajunBuns using your free Instagram app on iPhone or Android!

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