Tyrann Mathieu is reportedly signing with the New Orleans Saints after he was not brought back to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Many in Louisiana recall his years at LSU, but do you recall how it all ended in Baton Rouge?

The "Honey Badger" was kicked off of the team by his coach at the time, Les Miles, and it all had to do with Mathieu smoking weed and being in violation of team rules.

Many across the state thought that Les Miles was crazy at the time for kicking the star player off of the team.

Well, as it turns out, Mathieu says being kicked off the team at LSU may have saved his football career. Yes, the "Honey Badger" doesn't think he'd be where he is today had he not been kicked off the LSU team by Les Miles.

Off the field, Mathieu credits his grandmother for saving his life. He says, after his grandfather passed away, his grandmother made him move to the opposite side of New Orleans and that is where he fell in love with sports.

His moving away from some of the negative influences in his life inspired him to take up sports and become the athlete he is today.

Here's Tyrann Mathieu explaining how two influential people in life inspired him and saved him at such a young age.

By the way, if you're wondering, Mathieu holds no ill feelings towards LSU. He recently addressed the current LSU football team and here's his passionate message to them.



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