If you happened to be looking to restore your faith in humanity, you've come to the right place.

An Uber driver by the name of Lamiyah Jabbar stopped by the workplace of a woman she gave a ride to earlier that day. She only knew that her passenger's name was Diane, but what she did for her is causing this video to go viral.

Diane works at a local fast-food restaurant and during her Uber ride to work she was telling the driver about how it had been hard for her to take care of her grandchildren lately. She mentioned to Jabbar that she had a few things that she wanted, but was looking forward to purchasing them for herself around Christmas time.

Little did she know, Lamiyah had been taking small mental notes throughout their casual small talk. The look on Diane's face when she realized it was her Uber driver in the drive-thru was priceless and so is this feel-good moment.

Jabbar got Diane the dress that she mentioned, as well as a gift card for slippers and a robe. As for why she did what she did:

I do things like this often but with all the negativity around I said people need to see more positivity.

The Uber driver says she won't let the internet fame get to her head and she plans on "helping people just like before."

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