Have you ever gotten into an Uber and your driver immediately starts to talk to you, yet you're really uncomfortable talking to people you don't know?

I'll be honest, I love talking to my Uber and Lyft drivers. I want to know their story. What got them into the job. Do they like it. What station are they listening to. All of that. But I'm also aware that there are those that really don't like to communicate with strangers.

If you're that kind of person, that's completely okay, and now you don't have to fear getting into an Uber...so long as it's an Uber Black or Uber Black SUV. That means professional drivers and luxury vehicles. You'll have the option to select the type of conversation you'd prefer.

You'll have the option of "no preference", "quiet preferred", and "happy to chat". Along with the convo selection, you can also choose your temperature, and luggage help.

There's no mention if "quiet mode" is going to come to UberX, which is what most people use, or if they're going to keep that option to those that pay premium prices.

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