It has been well discussed and publicized by now all the issues that Ragin' Cajuns fans had this past Saturday at Cajun Field with concessions during the Nicholls-UL game.

The lines at all the concession stands were long and throughout the night fans had to wait at least 20 to 30 minutes to get to the front of the line. A big culprit seemed to be slow credit card processing.

Within a couple of hours after the game ended, UL's VP for Intercollegiate Athletics, Bryan Maggard, sent out an email to RCAF members and season ticket holders apologizing for the university's inefficiencies within their concession services.

He also vowed to fix the problems heading into Thursday night's game against Ohio. And if we're to believe the new email that Bryan Maggard sent out yesterday, things will be drastically improved for the next game.

It's lengthy, but here is the email sent he reportedly sent out last night:

Hello Cajun Nation,

I wanted to follow up on my letter shared early Sunday morning following our football team’s win over Nicholls on Saturday night. A number of individuals have been working extremely hard to establish the in-game experience that our fans deserve, particularly as it relates to our food and beverage service.

Before I share the changes that will be implemented Thursday night and beyond, I do want to publicly thank the following individuals who have dedicated a great deal of time, thought, and energy in developing and implementing plans and processes that will enhance the concession services at Cajun Field:

Phoebe Cook
District Manager, South Louisiana, Sodexo

Renee Burgess
General Manager, Sodexo

Scott Hebert
Director, Facility Planning and Construction, UL

Gene Fields
Chief Information Officer, UL

Duane Bailey
Deputy AD/CFO and Interim Director of Auxiliaries, UL

John Dugas
Associate AD for Facilities and Event Management, UL

Jeff Kelley
Manager, Network Facilities and Construction, UL

Starting Thursday night, improvements to our concessions services will include:

* Adjusting credit card machines from a wireless broadband system to ethernet hardlines to avoid cellular interference and greatly enhance the speed of payment transactions.

* Dedicating five additional Sodexo managers from the South Louisiana district to ensure each zone has a dedicated manager throughout the game while providing training to local staff.

* Requesting additional hawkers to enhance in-seat service as well as additional employees with Responsible Vendor cards to assist with beverage service and quality control.

* Implementing Cash Only lanes at every permanent concession stand, with clearly marked signage, to better organize and distinguish payment options and locations.

* Adding newly designed menu boards for ease of product selection at concession stands.

* Adding Dean-O’s and Jambalaya Shoppe as vendors. Converting all vendors to a cash-only payment method to expedite transactions.

* Providing free popcorn with any fountain drink purchase and $2 domestic draft beer specials - Thursday game only.

* Enhancing grilling stations to reduce time for restocking concession stands with hot products such as burgers and hot dogs.

* Procuring adequate amounts of product to avoid running out of concession items.

* Developing a clear and concise food and beverage map that denotes names and locations of concession stands, outside vendors, and satellite beverage points of sale. Map to be distributed on Athletics social platforms beginning Wednesday for fan use during game.

* Creating a total of seven new water only and beer only stations located throughout main concourses and promenade level that will be cash only to expedite transactions and provide relief to other points of sale locations.

* Adding four ATM machines (six total) to ensure cash access for fans.

* Improving overall stadium electrical power with 200 amp generator support.

I want to thank you again for your support of Ragin’ Cajuns Athletics. Please know we greatly appreciate your patronage and we will continue to strive to provide the level and quality of experience you deserve when attending our sporting events.

Let’s show America what Cajun Nation is all about with another electrifying crowd Thursday night when we host Ohio University on ESPN at 7 pm! Remember…Arrive Early, Wear Red, Be Loud, and Stay Late.

Let’s Geaux,
Bryan Maggard, Ph.D.
VP for Intercollegiate Athletics

We tip our hat to Bryan Maggard and for everyone at the university involved in athletics who is listening to the fans and trying to make things better.

Now, let's get out and support the team. The Ragin' Cajuns host Ohio this Thursday, September 16 at 7:00 pm on a nationally televised ESPN game.

Tickets are available now at the Cajundome box office or at the gates Thursday night.

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